MBBS in Russia

Advantages of studying in Russia.

1. Top most Government university

There are 2 types of universities in Russia. Government and private. Government ones have better track record, infrastructure and funding’s from the government for research and development. Almost every month some research program takes place in our university and national level medical conferences are also very common in Government universities. 

Tuition fees per year is usually between 3000 – 6000$. We think is pretty much affordable and economic considering the quality,facilities and opportunities which you’re gonna get here.

3. English medium of education

The medical course is taught in English and the student will also be taught the Russian language so that they can converse with the local patients during their clinical internships. This gives the students an international exposure which they would otherwise lack and also instills a sense of professionalism which is imperative in the practice and discharge of this high sought after profession. During the final three years, experienced doctors and surgeons already working in hospitals will act as teachers and start to work with the students. The students get on the job training and exposure which is very valuable. Students get the right guidance and are the taught the all-important work ethic which they need to follow in order to be successful as a doctor. This lays down a strong foundation or base for each student.

4. No corruption at all/ No Donation Fee

Studying at an MBBS college in Russia will always be better than paying the donation at Indian med schools due to the low cost of MBBS in Russia. Getting all the benefits of a good Russian MBBS university is a good idea. There are thousands of Indian students studying in Russia since last 25 years at Russian medical colleges for MBBS. There is a constant flow of Indian students in Russia on a huge scale. The Russian MBBS syllabus is also suitable for Indian students who have a dream to become a doctor. Medical colleges in Russia fees vary from one university to another. To Study in Russia for Indian students serves as a great option because Russia MBBS costs much lesser than India

5. High Education Standard

The MBBS syllabus in Russia is full of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in a real-life situation. The top universities have the experience to teach MBBS course in Russia as long as 150 years! Studying at medical colleges in Russia for Indian students is a much better option as Indian private med schools lack practical experience and quality of education. Getting an MBBS degree in Russia from a top rated MBBS University in Russia with English taught course ensures a great medical career. MBBS in Russia in English is possible at few good and top Russian colleges for MBBS.


-50% in physics, chemistry and biology in 12th standard. In case of SC/ST it is 40%. 
– should qualify the NEET exam by getting at least 50 percentile.

-The minimum age should be 17 years.
The subjects of MBBS in Russia are also quite the same as in India. Thus, MBBS education in Russia maintains its uniformity but also possesses diversity at the same time which is a unique combination. This makes medical studies in Russia at top medical colleges in Russia quite a convincing option.

7. Hostel

Hostels in Russia are  very clean, cosy and comfortable for anyone who wants to stay peacefully in hostel. If you want to rent an apartment you can do that as well they are also very affordable but that is advised after 2–3 years once you know local people and get acquainted to the place.

8. Number of Indians

There are thousands of Indian students studying in Russia since last 25 years at Russian medical colleges for MBBS. There is a constant flow of Indian students in Russia on a huge scale.

9. Easy Admission Process

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Warning: Don’t go for the agents as they’d only promote or tell you about a certain country or university as they get paid to do that but it’s your right to know everything beforehand to be at the best place according to your budget, demands and needs. Don’t fall for anyone. For them all it matters is your money but for you it’s about your career and life. You should always look for someone who can help you with your future plans and post graduation things also.