About Us
Welcome to RussiaFeels

Who Are We

We are an organization based in India and Russia, dedicated to providing students with genuine guidance about educational opportunities Abroad.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread Awareness about Russia, Ukraine, Central America and other countries and Educational opportunities linked with these countries.

What We Do

Our organization is dedicated to providing opportunities to students in fulfilling their dream of studying Medicine and become doctors.

Our history

We are a team of students from small towns in India who came to Russia in 2015 to Study Medicine. With 3 more years ahead of us, we have decided to help all the other students for which we have shaped this organization along with efforts of other personals dedicated to help students who due to one reason or another could not secure a seat for themselves in an Indian Medical College.

Our 3-E process



Exploring the options available to a student based on his/her personal requirements we provide free of cost counselling to carve out the best options available to the student to peruse their education Abroad.



Educating the student and their family about the country and university that has been selected in the first step. Providing the student with every necessary information about the University.



Expression is the most important value we humans posses. We rely on your expression, your feedback about your experience with us and the services we provided and work in coordination of further requirements coming out of this interaction.